Post Tornado Damage Assessment at Jacksonville State University

On 19 March 2018, a tornado hit Jacksonville State University’s campus. The tornado caused widespread damage across the entire campus and the surrounding neighborhoods.┬áThe tornado was a direct hit through the quad, library, and almost all major buildings.

The Remote Sensing Center was asked to provide post tornado damage assessment of the campus buildings. We (Tim Leopard, Chris R. Simpson, and I) flew a series of flights over the campus. We wish JSU the best; we hope these helped.

The full list of videos are below:

JSU Mathews Coliseum:
JSU West Quad, Dixon, Crow:
JSU Crow, Patterson, Logan, Sparkman, Williams, Mason, International, Ayers:
JSU Quad Area & Closeups:
JSU College Apts:
JSU Library:
JSU McGee, Martin, Library:
JSU McGee, Martin:
JSU McGee:
JSU McGee, Martin:
JSU McGee, Martin (rapid descent for traffic avoidance):
JSU Softball and tornado track flyby:
JSU Honors House 2:
JSU Honors House:
JSU Stone Center:
JSU Stone Center 2:
JSU Brewer Hall, Merrill Hall:
JSU Merrill East Roof:
JSU Merrill (Medium altitude circles):
JSU Library “Wind-Tunnel Gap”:
JSU Wallace Hall, ROTC tower, & High Altitude East Campus (E-W lines):
JSU Rowe Hall:
JSU Rowe Hall, High altitude East Campus (N-S flight lines):

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