Project: C Functions and Programs on the PIC 16F876

C Functions and Programs on the PIC 16F876
Charles O’Neill
September 2004

This project’s purpose is to become familiar with C programming on the PIC 16F876 micro-controller. Each of the four programs demonstrates a particular aspect of micro-controller C programming: mathematical operations, functions, simple data input, and pointers.

The micro-controller is a 28 pin DIP PIC16F876 manufactured by Microchip. The PIC voltage input is +5 volts DC via a µA7805 dc/dc voltage regulator. The compiler is the CCS C compiler (v. 3.207) for 14 bit PIC chips. C compilation occurs on a x86 based PC. Data transfer between the PIC and the PC is through a 9 pin serial cable.

The full project is available here.

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