Hoerner’s Fluid Dynamic Drag and Lift

Dr. Sighard Hoerner’s Fluid Dynamic Drag and Fluid Dynamic Lift are classic references in aerospace engineering and fluid dynamics. These books are wonderful for rapid design and analysis work; I adore and treasure my copies. I have received multiple requests for information on purchasing. 

As of 2022, the Hoerner family sells the Drag book at: http://hoernerfluiddynamics.com/. You can also reach them via email at: drag@hoernerfluiddynamics.com

The Lift book is unfortunately not available except on the used-market. But, you should still get it.

Please be aware that the books remain under copyright until 2045. These are worth the price to have your own copies.

The book details are:
Lift ISBN: 978-9998831636
Drag ISBN: 978-9991194448

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