SPA Prototype Aircraft

This summer, my lab in conjunction with Dr. Branam developed an aircraft for testing a prototype flight control system. The aircraft flies beautifully for a rudder-elevator control system. Low power and a large efficient wing allows for exceptional performance at the design weight. As a design decision, the rudder-dihedral roll control is sufficient for the mission purposes.


SPA aircraft

The aircraft specifications are:

  • Wing span: 8 ft
  • Powerplant: OS 3815-1000 with 5000 mAh 3S LiPo
  • Airfoil: SD7062
  • Differential spoilers (marginal for roll control)

SPA aircraft

Thanks to the following engineers and designers:

  • Josh Richards (chief design engineer, air-to-air video pilot)
  • Christopher D. Simpson (chief systems engineer)
  • Christopher R. Simpson
  • Reid Ruggles
  • Abraham Ortiz
  • Alex West
  • Griffin Uthe
  • David Maulick
  • Liz Suttles

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